Elliptical Galaxy M-60 ( NGC 4649 )
Spiral Galaxy NGC 4647 - Galaxy Pair Arp 116

Elliptical Galaxy M-60 and Spiral galaxy NGC 4647; CCD image thru 20 inch
M-60 is on the right, NGC 4647 is on the left. CCD image taken with an ST-9E CCD camera thru Kopernik's 20-inch F/8.1 telescope. The field of view is about 8x8 arc minutes, with South at the top. Exposure = 10 minutes.
Note (up-date): the small streak to the left of M-60 was identified as Asteroid (35642) 1998 KF53. It was magnitude 17.3 when it moved thru the field of view while we were taking this image!

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George Normandin, KAS

April 23rd, 2002