Portable Planetarium

Kopernik Observatory & Science Center received a grant from the Floyd Hooker Foundation for a portable planetarium. Just last year, over 5000 people in Broome, Cortland and Tioga counties have experienced outstanding visual celestial shows that have been both educational and entertaining.


Kopernik is pleased to offer this innovative digital planetarium to schools to spark curiosity in space and other areas of science. The portable planetarium features a 5 meter dome and a high resolution, 360 degree projector capable of placing the student anywhere on the earth at any point in time, showing what is visible in the night sky at that time and place. This powerful teaching tool can be used for all grades from Pre-K to high school seniors.


It is especially powerful as an introduction to the night sky for elementary students and for more advance topics found in high school astronomy and earth science classes.




Planetarium Lessons 

  • Night Sky Overview: Stars, constellations, planets, & deep-sky objects
  • Tour of the Solar System: Visit the Sun, Planets, Moon, and asteroids!
  • Celestial Sphere: Path of the sun, seasons, and celestial coordinates
  • Star Trails:  Polaris and latitude. Direction of stars trails with respect to the cardinal directions.
We are currently developing new planetarium programs that will include such topics as:
geology, geography, life science, and more! 

Fee Structure

Our portable planetarium is very affordable. Just $200 for Set-up/Tear-down, $100/hour for programming and an additional standard mileage fee outside the Binghamton area. The planetarium can hold up to 25 elementary students and up to 15 adults. See the two videos below to learn more.
The portable planetarium can be taken to schools and organizations throughout the Greater Binghamton area and beyond. To learn more about bringing this fantastic educational tool to your school, company, library, or other organization, please feel free to email admin@kopernik.org or call (607) 748-3685 X 303

 Digitalis Portable Planetarium 

Time-lapse set-up
Introduction to a Digitalis Planetarium