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Link Summer STEM Explorations 2015  


Day camps run 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; the evening Astronomy camp runs 5 to 11 p.m.


 Early drop-off and late pick-up options are available.



International Space Station Contact(Technology, grades 6-8)                            June 29 – July 3 

Would you like to talk to an Astronaut who is orbiting the earth on the International Space Station (ISS)? NASA has granted Kopernik the rare opportunity to have students speak to an Astronaut on the ISS this summer using Kopernik’s Ham Radio station! During this day camp, students will spend the week preparing for the ISS contact, learning about astronaut training, life on the ISS, satellite orbits and tracking, radio communication, and more. The Ham Radio contact will be held the following week (July 6 – 10), with the specific date determined by NASA. 

Checkout the below video see what a
Ham Radio contact with the ISS is like!

Radio contact from Kopernik with Col. Doug Wheelock (Windsor native) aboard the International Space Station
Radio contact from Kopernik with Col. Doug Wheelock (Windsor native) aboard the International Space Station!

 watch the contact from Kopernik with Col. Doug Wheelock (Windsor native) on a YouTube recording made in 2010.


Gadgets, Widgets, and Gizmos(Engineering, grades 6-8) July 6-10

During this day camp, students will learn about basic electronics and circuit design and have the opportunity to create a variety of electrical and electronic devices. Topics covered will include Ohm’s Law, series and parallel circuits, and electrical and electronics safety. Students will learn to use electric meters and tools, soldering irons, and advanced kits to build different electronic projects. As a final project, each student will design and build an electronic device that can be taken home. 

*additional $20 materials fee





The World of Computer Programming (Computer Science, grades 9-12)            July 6-10

This day camp is all about coding! Students will use computer apps (applications) and also create some! They will begin by programming the popular Arduino, a tiny microprocessor that can control devices attached to it, including littleBits™ electronic modules. Students will use these Arduino apps to build their own robotic devices. The next step will be to program a personal computer (PC) running Windows using a programming language based on C, such as Java or C++. Programming platforms (for editing, compiling, etc.) will be provided. The Microsoft Small Basic language and platform also will be available. Students will analyze and modify prewritten code – an excellent way to learn coding. Advanced students who are interested will have the opportunity to write code from scratch. Students will apply their new skills, for example, to animate an object or make the computer play a tune.



Pluto & Beyond the Kuiper Belt (Astronomy, grades 9-12)  July 13-17

During this in depth evening camp, students will learn about the mysterious objects called dwarf planets. Students will study and examine the trans-Neptunian worlds, from 18th/19th Century discoveries to recent robotic missions and telescopic surveys. They will look beyond Pluto to the far reaches of the solar system to explore the Kuiper Belt and comets from the Oort cloud. Labs will include astrophotography of the night sky (including Pluto) using Kopernik’s research-grade telescopes and examination of orbits of recently discovered dwarf planets. The class will take place during the time when the New Horizons robotic mission arrives at Pluto so that the students’ investigation may be enriched with the newest data. Weather permitting, an overnight observing session is planned.


Robotic Missions to Alien Worlds(Engineering/Space Science, grades 6-8)       August 10-14

Students attending this day camp will learn about the design and operation of robotic vehicles used by NASA to explore the solar system. Special emphasis will be on the Mars Science Laboratory and other instruments on the Curiosity Rover currently exploring Mars. Working in groups, students will design their own robotic mission and construct a robotic vehicle that will navigate a model alien landscape. They will build their rover using Legos and whatever other parts or materials they desire. They will power it by littleBits electronic modules, which they will control with a programmable Arduino microprocessor. Finally, students will explore how to communicate with a robotic vehicle over a long distance, using minimal power while coping with radio noise. They also will have the opportunity to transmit and receive a digital image via radio.



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