Elementary Day Camps

Link Summer STEM Explorations


Elementary students can choose from two series of week-long camps. The Science camps emphasize students’ learning about the physical world. The Engineering camps emphasize the application of science through technology. This year we are offering an advanced engineering camp: Rocket Design.  


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Scientist Series

Young Scientists grades  1 & 2
Super Science Discovery 

July 7-11 or August 4-8


Each day of this camp will have a different science or technology theme, including Space Day full of NASA-developed activities and a Flight Day when young scientists will build and fly gliders and kites celebrating the genius of local inventor, Edwin A Link, and his flight simulator! Other activities will include building electric circuits, experimenting with bubbling liquids, making life-like dinosaur fossils, and learning how to measure, sketch and create digital images. 


Junior Astronomers

grades  3 & 4

Space & Stars

July 21-25 or August 18-22

Mikolaj Kopernik observed the planets and became the father of Modern Astronomy.  In Space & Stars, your young astronomer will explore what lies beyond our Solar System, including blue, red giant, and sun-like stars, supernovas, constellations, galaxies, and nebulas.  Students will learn how to use telescopes and how to observe the Sun safely.  They will explore what it is like to be sucked into a black hole and “spaghettified” with Hubble’s Black Hole Simulator!


Earth Scientists

grades 5 & 6 

Dinosaur Dynasty

July 21-25 or August 4-8


Dinosaurs ruled Planet Earth for over 150 million years before they became extinct.  In this camp, your scientist will learn about different kinds of dinosaurs and look for clues in rocks that may provide evidence about why these dinosaurs became extinct.  Did they evolve into birds or did a killer meteor decimate them?  Students will make models of various extinct creatures, dinosaur-inspired jewelry, meteor impact craters, and other fun projects.  Students also will learn about Earth’s geologic history, animal adaptations, and other Earth Science concepts.  They will use microscopes and telescopes, and will locate volcano and earthquake activity using simulators that map our Earth from satellite data.


Engineering Series
Young Engineers
grades 2 & 3
Snap Circuits-Special Edition
July 14-18 or August 11-15

During this camp, your young engineer will learn about sound, light, and electric current flowing through a circuit using Circuits that Snap together.  Their creations will pulse with the music or change colors and glow. This is hands-on, project-based engineering.  Your young engineer will build new projects every day. 


Junior Engineers

grades  4 & 5  

We Do Engineering – Advance Challenge

July 28-Aug 1 or August 11-15 


Your junior engineer will spend this fun, creative week building a Mountain Resort with a Ski Lift!  Working in teams, students will design and build an awesome playground and ski resort, using Legos, motors and gears.  Then they will use computer-programming code to animate their creation.




Master Engineers

grades 5 & 6

Rocket Design

August 18-22 Only


This camp will introduce students to rocket design and building.  Students will start by learning about the history of the space program and building simple, single stage rockets.  As the week progresses, they will advance to more complex designs, including multiple stage rockets and rockets with special recovery systems such as gliders and helicopter recovery.  Rockets will be tested for flight worthiness in Kopernik’s wind tunnel.


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