Supernova 1999dg in Lenticular Galaxy UGC 09758

Supernova 1999dg in UGC 9758

The following is the data on SN 1999dg:

Discovered: July 23rd, 1999, by the Lick Observatory Supernova Search team

Follow this Link to a NASA Web site on supernovas. It has a very nice animation and a description of what these objects are.

This is the data on Lenticular Galaxy UGC 09758 itself:

Based on the published red shift, a rough distance estimate for UGC 09758 and supernova 1999dg is: 344,000,000 light years, with the galaxy being 120,000 light years in diameter. Considering that the other stars in the image are no more than a few thousand light years at the most, it is possible to see the tremendous amount of energy released by this event.

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George Normandin, KAS

August 22nd, 1999