Spiral Galaxy NGC 7780 - Supernova 2001 da

Galaxy NGC 7780 and Supernova 2001da
Click here for a picture of the entire cluster of 6 galaxies that NGC 7780 is a part of.

Supernova 2001 da:

Discovered July 9th, 2001, by the Katzman Automatic Imaging Telescope.

Follow this Link to a NASA Web site on supernovas. It has a very nice animation and a description of what these objects are.

Spiral Galaxy NGC 7780:

NGC 7780 in the constellation of Pisces is a part of a cluster of at least six galaxies known as Zwicky 2350.6+0758. The other Galaxies in this cluster include NGC 7778, NGC 7779, NGC 7781, NGC 7782, and MCG 1-60-44. These last two are in the picture shown above. For a large image showing all of the galaxies of this cluster, follow the Link to Zwicky 2350.6+0758.

Based on the published red shift, (and a Hubble Constant of 62 Km/sec per Mpc) a rough distance estimate for NGC 7780 is 271 million light years, with a diameter of about 78,850 light years.

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George Normandin, KAS

July 26th, 2001