NGC 4680, a Peculiar, Possible Pair Of Overlapping Galaxies
Also: Supernova 1997bp

Supernova 1997bp

CCD Image of Supernova 1997bp in Galaxy NGC 4680 taken on 5/5/97 at 3:22 UT. It is a 10 Minute exposure using an SBIG ST-6 thru Kopernik's 20 inch F/8.1 telescope. North at top; field: about 5x7 arc minutes.

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The following is the data on SN 1997bp:

Discovered: April 6, 1997 in galaxy NGC 4680

R.Evans visually discovered SN 1997bp in NGC 4680 on April 06, located 13.0" west 20" south from the galaxy's center. The magnitude was about 14 and the type Ia near maximum.

The following is the data on the galaxy(ies?) NGC 4680

Note that this is a rather interesting galaxy. It is both an infrared and radio source, indicating a major disturbance. The cause could be rapid star formation or heated dust, or both. The MCG notes that it could be an interacting pair or two overlapping galaxies. The CCD image does not clearly show this. The importance of finding this type Ia supernova is that it gives an estimate of NGC 4680's distance and size.

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George Normandin, KAS

May 12th, 1997
revised December 8th, 1997