Spiral Galaxies NGC 3185, 3190, & 3193
- aka Arp 316

Spiral Galaxies NGC 3185, 3190, and 3193

Click here for a wide field view image of galaxy group Hickson 44.

Click here for pictures and info on Supernova 2002 bo that was discovered in NGC 3190 in March 2002.

NGC 3185:

This Barred Spiral Galaxy appears to have a complete external ring. The bar seems to terminate on the ring, but close inspection shows that the "ring" is composed of two closely coiled spiral arms. Each arm can be traced from its starting place at the end of the bar, through 180 degrees, until it passes near and almost joins the opposite end of the bar. Each arm passes beyond the opposite end of the bar and can be traced on the outside of the beginning of the other arm. This galaxy also has a small and very bright Active Galactic Nucleus.

NGC 3190 (& NGC 3189):

This edge-on Spiral Galaxy shows a strong dark lane with outer arms tilted to principal plane. NGC 3189 is the southwestern side of NGC 3190. There is also a large, bright central budge and this galaxy has an Active Galactic Nucleus.

NGC 3193:

This apparently normal Elliptical Galaxy has a very bright nucleus. Like the others, it is a part of a galaxy group known as Hickson 44 and Arp 316.

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George Normandin, KAS

July 12th, 2001