Spiral Galaxy M-88 ( NGC 4501 )
and Supernova 1999cl

Spiral Galaxy M-88; CCD image thru 20 inch

Color version of M-88
A 10 minute exposure taken with ST-9E CCD camera in June 2001.

Supernova 1999cl:

International Astronomical Union Circular 7185 reported the discovery on May 29th 1999 of a supernova in M-88. It was 16.2 magnitude at discovery. This supernova was discovered by the Lick Observatory Supernova Search team. It has be steadily brightening, and observations indicate that it is a Type Ia supernova discovered before it has reached its peak brightness.

The Kopernik image shown here was taken at 5:54UT (2am local time) on June 5th, 1999, using our 20 inch telescope. It had reached about 13.5 magnitude, and we were able to visually observe it in the 20 inch telescope and a Celestron C-11.

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George Normandin, KAS

June 6th, 1999
Revised: June 23rd, 2001