Globular Star Cluster M-79 (NGC 1904)

Globular Cluster, M-79

Description of M-79 in The Deep Sky Field Guide to Uranometria 2000:

Dreyer's description of M-79 in the New General Catalog(NGC):

Globular Cluster M-79 is in the constellation of Lepus and is about 46,000 light years away, and 110 light years in diameter. (But Click here for the latest news on Globular Star Cluster distances and ages!!) P. Mechain discovered it on Oct. 26th, 1780, but it was possibly seen in 1654 by Hodierna. Visually, M-79 is not a particularly spectacular globular, but it is fully resolved in our 20 inch telescope at 320x. Only the outer portions are resolved in a 10 inch telescope.