M-78, A Reflection Nebula (NGC 2068)

Plus Reflection Nebulae NGC 2067, NGC 2064, and McNeil's Nebula

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Reflection Nebula M-78

This image was taken in February 2005 with an SBIG STL-1301E camera thru the Kopernik 20-inch telescope working at F/5. North is at the top.

For a negative image with the nebulae identified, click here.

Description of M-78 in Dreyer's New General Catalog (NGC):

McNeil's Nebula:

In January 2004 Amateur Astronomer J. McNeil, working in his backyard, discovered a new nebula in the M-78 area that is appears to result from a newly forming protostar. This new nebula is at the bottom of our image. To learn more about McNeal's Nebula, click here.

NGC 2067 & NGC 2064, Reflection Nebulae:

This faint reflection nebula is separated from the main body of M-78 by a dark dust lane. There is additional dark nebula on the other side. This reflection nebula appears to be reflecting light from the same B-type giant stars as M-78 itself. Other reflection nebulae in the area include NGC 2064 in the middle of our picture and the large but dim NGC 2071 that lies just off the top of the image.