M-17, An Emission Nebula in Sagittarius
aka The Omega Nebula, (NGC 2068)

Nebula M-17
CCD image taken with an STL-1301E CCD camera thru our 20-inch F/8.1 telescope working at F/5. The field of view is about 20x25 arc minutes.

'For the visual observer, the main feature of M-17 is the long bright comet-like streak across the north edge; on the west end a curved 'hook" gives the whole nebula a resemblance to a ghostly figure "2" with the bright streak forming the base. It requires only the slightest use of the imagination to transform this pattern into the graceful figure of a celestial swan floating in a pool of stars.......The space enclosed by the neck of the swan is evidently an obscuring cloud of some sort, and looks quite dark when compared to the star-strewn sky beyond. Fainter luminous masses extend to the east and north, forming an irregular loop around the whole structure......'