John Dobson John Dobson,
Of the San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers

Photos from the famous
Amateur Astronomer and
Telescope Inventor's visit to
Kopernik Observatory & Science Education Center,
Oct. 3rd & 4th, 1997

John Dobson
is perhaps the most influential and well known amateur astronomer of the age. He appeared in PBSís The Astronomers, and he invented the low cost but highly effective Dobsonian type telescope that bears his name. We and our visitors were lucky to have him as the main speaker at our annual AstroFest in 1997.

John Dobson at Kopernik

John Dobson holds the Big Bang in a paper bag!!

Actually, this is a photo from Johnís presentation in Kopernikís Space Science Lab. The audience was enthralled by Dobsonís style. Of course when the whole Universe is your topic, it's hard to be boring!!

John Dobson & Dobsonian Telescope

Soooo..... This is a so-called "Dobsonian" Telescope

John Dobson & Dobsonian Telescope

Now this is the part that you Gold Plate......

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George Normandin, KAS

December 7th, 1998