Spiral Galaxy ESO 576-40
and Supernova 1997br

Supernova 1997br

CCD Image of Supernova 1997br in Galaxy ESO 576-40 taken on 5/8/97 at 3:15 UT. It is a 9 Minute exposure using an SBIG ST-6 thru Kopernik's 20 inch F/8.1 telescope. North at top; field: about 5x7 arc minutes.

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Info on galaxy ESO 576-40:

This galaxy is listed in the European Southern Observatory(ESO) galaxy catalog, and that is the reason for the name: "ESO 576-40".

The following is the data on Supernova 1997br:

Discovered: April 10th, 1997

.....from the Harvard University Supernova web site:

As a "bonus" our image includes an anonymous galaxy near ESO576-40, marked as 'A' in the image. The following describes it:

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George Normandin, KAS

May 26th, 1997