Supernova 2002 bo in Spiral Galaxy NGC 3190

Galaxy NGC 3190 and Supernova 2002 bo
A 800 second exposure taken with an ST-9E CCD camera thru Kopernik's 20 inch F/8.1 telescope at 2:10 UT on Apirl 2, 2002. The field of view is 8x8 arc minutes with South at the top. Color exposures: Blue 240 sec, Green & Red 160 sec each.

Supernova 2002 bo:

Discovered March 9th, 2002, by Paulo Cacella (Brazil) and Yoji Hirose (Japan).

Follow this Link to a NASA Web site on supernovas. It has a very nice animation and a description of what these objects are.

Spiral Galaxy NGC 3190:

NGC 3190 is a member of the Hickson 44 Galaxy Group in Leo. The Elliptical Galaxy NGC 3193 in the picture above is also a member of the group. Click here for additional information about this group including earlier Kopernik pictures of the four galaxies in Hickson 44.

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George Normandin, KAS

April 2nd, 2002