Girl Scouts

The Kopernik Observatory & Science Center welcomes Girl Scouts for badge and petal workshops and overnight experiences.

Specific badge and petal workshops are offered periodically.  See below for current schedule and registration form. Workshops can be arranged on other dates to meet troop needs.  In addition, Kopernik offers kits that troops can use at Kopernik to complete badges on their own, with all supplies included.

Is there another topic in science, technology, engineering or math that interests your troop?  Kopernik probably can offer a workshop on that topic – call 607-748-3685 to inquire.

The Girl Scout programs at Kopernik have been designed by local Girl Scouts and Girl Scout leaders to meet most, and often all of the official requirements for particular Girl Scout badges and petals.  Kopernik does not supply the actual badges, however, leaving that to the Girl Scout troop leaders’ discretion.

Overnight programs feature an indoor sleepover in Kopernik’s heated (and air-conditioned) building or outdoor campout on Kopernik’s grounds, and typically include a snack, late night movie, telescope viewing and stargazing (weather permitting), and continental breakfast.

Badge programs offered include Home Scientist (Brownie), Senses (Brownie), Computer Expert (Brownie), Entertainment Technology (Junior), Detective (Junior), Special Agent (Cadette), Night Owl (Cadette), Sky (Senior).   Badge kits are available for Senses (Brownie) and Computer Expert (Brownie). 


Musician (Junior) Fri. April 28, 7-10 p.m. $10 per girl
Girls will explore how music is made, travel around the world of music, interview someone with a job in music, make their own music, and perform their music for their sister Girl Scouts. Workshop will include a presentation on the Physics of Music by musician and geology professor Jeff Barker. **Optional overnight
Making Games (Brownie) Fri. May 5, 7-9:30 p.m. $7 per girl
Girls will have fun without a computer! They will use their imagination to create their own games. The fun will start at 7 p.m. when local boomerang expert Brian Cavallaro talks about boomerangs and demonstrates throwing them. Badge workshop will follow at 8 p.m. **Optional overnight
Home Scientist (Brownie) Sat. May 6, 1:30-3 p.m. $7 per girl
Science is everywhere – even in our own homes. In this workshop, girls will be a kitchen chemist, create static electricity, learn about density, make something bubble up, and play with science. They should be prepared to get messy!!
Entertainment Technology (Junior) Sat. June 3, 7-10 p.m. $10 per girl
Girls will learn some of the science behind the world of entertainment. They will animate their own artwork, explore game programming, design a roller coaster, make their own 3D glasses, and experiment with acoustics while going on an elephant hike. **Optional overnight
Badge and Petal Programs

Girl Scouts receive a one to three hour program led by a Kopernik staff member. If the program is scheduled on a Friday evening, the girls may attend the regular Friday night program at no additional charge.  

Gloria (Daisy) – 1 hour
Clover (Daisy) – 1 hour
Rosie (Daisy) – 1 hour
Home Scientist (Brownie) – 1.5 hours
Making Games (Brownie) – 1.5 hours
Senses (Brownie) – 1.5 hours
Computer Expert (Brownie) – 2 hours
Entertainment Technology (Junior) – 3 hours
Detective (Junior) – 3 hours
Musician (Junior) – 3 hours
Special Agent (Cadette) – 3 hours
Night Owl (Cadette) – 3 hours
Sky (Senior) – 3 hours

One hour program on Friday night: $5/scout, 10 scouts minimum
One hour program on another night: $6/scout, 15 scouts minimum
1.5 hour program: $7/scout, 15 scouts minimum
2 hour program: $8/scout, 15 scouts minimum
2.5 hour program: $9/scout, 15 scouts minimum
3 hour program: $10/scout, 15 scouts minimum

Adults per recommended Girl Scout ratio attend free.  Additional adults pay the girl fee.

Badge kits can be rented for $20, plus $2 per girl materials fee. 

Overnight Programs

Girl Scouts sleep over at the Kopernik Observatory! Start the evening with one of Kopernik’s badge or petal workshops. Observe through our telescopes late into the night and wake up to a continental breakfast.

Additional fee:$15/scout, $5/adult.  
For more information, contact the Kopernik Girl Scout program coordinator by email: or call Kopernik at 607-748-3685 ext. 303.