Pegasus Classes

Pegasus classes are offered on weekends, school holidays, and occasional evenings throughout the school year. The program is named for the mythological winged-horse Pegasus, symbolizing the beauty, strength, and freedom of each individual to dream big and reach for the stars.

patternsPatterns of the Universe: Sat., Apr. 29, 1- 4:30 pm                   
Member $35 / Non-Member $42
Students will embark on an amazing journey into the beautiful, surrealistic world of fractals where math, science, and art come together. They will ponder these mysterious and infinite patterns, see how they exist throughout nature, from Scandinavian coastlines to frost crystals, and learn how fractals are where math becomes hands-on. Students will experiment with computer applications in constructing fractals, and, try their hand at computer programming! Register for this class