Rocks Tell a Story
grades 1 & 2
Monday, February 20
9AM – Noon

Join us on Presidents’ Day! Young scientists get the chance to be geologists for the day!  With goggles and rock hammers, students will discover the ancient past as they look inside rock formations!  They will identify, compare, and analyze rocks and minerals from KOSC’s collection.  They may even find ancient fossils inside rocks right under Read More …

Robotic Creations
Grades 5 & 6
Saturday, March 11
1 – 4PM

Students will learn about the history of robots and how robots have been portrayed in science fiction. They will build and control their own robot using LEGO® WeDo Robotics. Their robotic creation will use sensors and have at least two degrees of freedom. Students also will build a mini solar-powered car to take home. ($10 Read More …

Extreme Magnification!
grades 5 & 6
Saturday, March 25
10 am – 3 pm

Students will explore the smallest parts of our world using high magnification techniques. This approach reveals vivid details of natural and manufactured objects. They will capture images of tiny objects, such as insects, hair and frost, under extreme magnification. Students then will use special software to process and manipulate these images artistically and create a Read More …

Pegasus Classes
STEM Classes for Students Grades 1-12

Pegasus classes are offered on weekends, school holidays, and occasional evenings throughout the school year. The program is named for the mythological winged-horse Pegasus, symbolizing the beauty, strength, and freedom of each individual to dream big and reach for the stars. The Pegasus programs for students in grades 1-12 encourage students to work and think like Read More …