Weather & Photography
Merit Badge Overnight
Saturday, May 20

Weather & Photography Merit Badges

Saturday, May 20

Weather Merit Badge



Learn about measuring and forecasting the weather. Build an anemometer to measure wind speed. Scouts will identify and describe clouds in the low, middle, and upper levels of the atmosphere and relate these to specific types of weather.  
Prerequisite: Requirement 6


Kopernik Observatory has excellent facilities for photography including digital cameras and a state of the art computer lab with software to process your digital images. Our staff will help you understand this equipment, the software, and technical details required for the badge. 
Prerequisite: Requirement 1

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After all Kopernik Merit Badge workshops, if clear skies prevail, Kopernik’s telescopes will be open for viewing. In the morning, all are treated to a continental breakfast. Scouts are not required to spend the night.

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