Astrophotography Expedition
Grades 8-12
Starts July 6 – Final Call – Register Now!

Astronomy, grades 8-12: July 6-9 (four days, three nights) In this overnight camp, students will learn about various astrophotography techniques that are used to image different types of deep-sky objects such as star clusters, nebula, and galaxies. They will learn about those deep sky objects’ origins, classifications, morphology, and evolution, and will learn about and Read More …

Rocket Design – grades 5 & 6
Starts July 18

This week-long camp will introduce students to rocket design and building. Students will start by learning about the history of the space program and building simple, single stage rockets. As the week progresses, they will advance to more complex designs, including multiple stage rockets and rockets with special recovery systems such as gliders and helicopter Read More …